MUSIAD Woman has planned a summit with a holistic view and an original approach to be held once a year with broad participation, in which all problems from business life to family life, from academia to social life will be taken into account, in line with the works it aims to achieve in the new period. The main title of this summit has been determined as “IAS’22 International Awareness Summit”.

At the summit, in order to identify the problems faced by the society due to different reasons, it is aimed to take firm steps for shedding light on the existing problems, to deal with the problems identified in comparison with the international arena, to raise awareness about the problems experienced, to create the infrastructure for the policies to be carried out in the future with the solutions offered and to eliminate the existing inadequacies.

The main purpose of IAS’22 is to address all segments of the society, regardless of age, gender, socio-economic status, reputation, to provide benefits and to carry out studies for the rapid progress of activities in today’s world where social change takes place at a dynamic pace and to pave the way for the planned projects at the same time.

In this respect, the panels of “entrepreneurship and digital”, which takes into account the increase in digital entrepreneurship with the transition to the information society, “environment and health”, which has come to the fore with its problems in the agenda of the whole world in recent years, “immigration”, which aims to identify the problems existing in the era of migrations and offer solutions. A summit will be held with guests who are experts in their fields.